Pink Tent

The pink tent was a sign of hope in the 9th ward of New Orleans after Hurricane Katrina. The Make It Right Project put up these tents to help families while funding for new building could take place.

An Architect friend in the area sent me one of the cast-off tents and asked if I could reuse it in one of my weaving projects. This series was for a fundraiser in honor of Hurricane Katrina and the rebuilding that occurred post Katrina.

Suzanne Tick The Levee 2_rev medium
The Levee, 2011, canvas, 36” x 36” 91.44 cm x 91.44 cm Available
Suzanne Tick The Levee detail_rev medium
Detail: The Levee, 2011, canvas
Reconstruction Suzanne TIck 2012_rev medium
Construction Restructure, 2011, paper, fabric, recycled dry cleaning wires 36” x 36” 91.44 cm x 91.44 cm Available