Working with color is a combination of science and intuition. In this presentation led by Suzanne Tick, we evaluate several color theorists, artists, philosophers and share how we adopt these different scenarios onto the various product types that we design. The Science and Intuition of Color provides an informative and genuine approach on the consideration of each material from fiber to glass and shows how the products themselves reveal “what it wants to be.”

This talk is 1 hour and accredited by AIA and IDCEC. Register for the dates below via!


Hue, Value, Chroma

Take an inside look at the Luum Color Wall with Suzanne Tick and learn about Luum’s holistic approach to design through the lens of color. As modern weavers, we are always imagining the ways our collections will be used together. Color is emotional, cultural, physical, aesthetic and utilitarian. It reinforces brand identity as well as delineates space.  It inspired us to created a new CEU called the Science and Intuition of Color. Register here for dates in May and June 2021 and stay tuned for more dates this summer.

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Read Suzanne’s latest piece on Aside about Vedic Meditation, staying nimble in the place of change and more about Luum’s design process here.


Earth First.

We’re celebrating Earth Day today with a sneak peek of Luum’s first – and the industry’s – first recycled, biodegradable polyester textiles: Grid State (available now) and Ecotone (available May 18th)! Grid State and Ecotone’s multipurpose use properties allow for ultimate design flexibility, while the recycled fiber content contributes to the circular economy and lessens impact on the planet.

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Tick Studio gets cultured.

Today we got out of the office and into the open air in Manhattan’s Chelsea gallery district. Our favorite show was LEE KRASNER: Collage Paintings 1938 – 1981 at Paul Kasmin.