Stainless Steel

With every product development or weaving project that I work on, there is a phase of weave trialing for me to weave before deciding on the next path. This blanket is a result of that trialing, made from stainless steel fibers with a unique origin. The Bridgestone Tire Company was going through a huge tire recall at the time and had a surplus of unusable stainless steel. Innovative textile designer Junichi Arai scooped up the steel and created a fiber from it.

MoMA informed me about the surplus of materials available in Japan, and asked if I could use it to weave a banner for an upcoming show: Structure and Surface: Contemporary Japanese Textiles. So I imported this fiber from Japan. After weaving the banner, I delivered it to MoMA. The curators fell in love with the large woven blanket- and decided to include it in the exhibition.

Stainless Steel Woven Art_rev medium
Stainless Steel, 1998, Stainless Steel, 29” x 98” 73.66 cm x 248.92 cm Private collection
Steel Detail_rev medium
Detail: Stainless Steel, 1998, Stainless Steel
Suzanne_Tick-054_rev medium
Detail: Stainless Steel