Torah Series

When Torahs are no longer in use for reasons of damage, they are usually buried. Rabbi Zach Fredman and I bring these Torahs back to life in a series of salons and teachings, along with weaving projects. The project allows me to explore the different books and become more knowledgeable about jewish spirituality.

After reading Genesis, I thought the perfect solution would be with weaving fiber optics thru the Torah. The light represents that inner light from within, but also represents the big bang, when light began.

Next was the story of pulling Moses from the Nile. The Babylonian Talmud associates his name with a word for drawing out, “like a hair plucked from a pool of milk” — their metaphor for one of the 903 pathways by which the soul can leave the body. In this interpretation, another of those ways was by pulling a ball of wool through thorns.

The project grew out of our understanding that Judaism is a tradition in which many stories, wisdoms and literatures are woven together in intricate ways, and that our lives too are patterned like these complex structures of connection and integration.

This is an ongoing series, which is based on these teaching sessions in my studio.

Suzanne Tick Untitled Flower Torah IMG_6765
Untitled, 2021, Torah, silicone glazed flowers
ST Torah Series 1_rev medium
Untitled, 2017, Torah, fiber optic yarn, In process
ST Torah Series 1 – light_rev medium
Untitled, 2017, Torah, fiber optic yarn
Suzanne Tick Untitled Yak Torah IMG_6677
Untitled, 2017, Torah, yak wool