Exquisite Surfaces

For Exquisite’s 20th Anniversary, we debuted a custom tile pattern as part of the E/S20 collection, a collective featuring original work by 20 acclaimed interior designers, architects, product designers and artists. Our pattern achieves a phenomenal spatial quality using simple geometry and coloration to play with perception.

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Cement Tile


Suzanne Tick_Tiles_ES20-12

The versatility of the pattern allows multiple layout options with the intent of a universal design that could work in a bathroom, kitchen, or patio. This pattern shows the tile repeated in a row.

ES 20 Suzanne Tick Tile

Exquisite tile element

c_Tiles_ES20-11 copy

Exquisite tile pattern, rotated 180° and repeated

Suzanne Tick_Tiles_ES20-13

Exquisite tile pattern, rotated 180° and mirrored

ES 20 Party Suzanne Tick

The E/S 20 launch party at the Exquisite Surfaces showroom in New York City. From left to right Anne Pomp, Scott Sanders, John Pomp, Eric Hoffman and Suzanne Tick.