Skyline Design

Since 2008, Tick Studio has collaborated on three collections for Skyline Design.  

Collection in Whites by Suzanne Tick references the softness of textiles against the hard, translucent surface of glass. Using single- and double-layer etching combined with AST Print Technology creates a luminous, tactile experience.

Organize by Suzanne Tick offers a solution for structuring information on markerglass. Patterns on the glass create a versatile organizational tool for presentations and meetings.

Transcend™ by Suzanne Tick responds to changes in how we use and experience space. The collection seamlessly transitions from one spatial function to the next: from interior to exterior, public to private, or open to quiet areas.

Obscura™ by Suzanne Tick is a forthcoming collection, debuting September 2020. The collection uses architectural film to create privacy in incremental dimensions, providing minimal and specific coverage. This applied film system also satisfies building codes that increasingly require glass with markings, particularly in corporate and healthcare environments.

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Architectural Glass

Interior Design magazine 2020 Best of Year finalist — Obscura™ Collection

Metropolis Likes 2020 — Obscura™ Collection

HiP Award Finalist 2020 — Obscura™ Collection

Best of NeoCon 2017 Gold Architectural & Decorative Glass — Transcend™ Collection

Best of NeoCon 2017 Gold Wall Treatment —Transcend™ Collection

Metropolis Likes NeoCon 2017 — Transcend™ Collection

Metropolis Magazine’s Top 10 Designs & Products 2017 — Transcend™ Collection

Transcend™ Collection


Transcend™ by Suzanne Tick responds to changes in how we use and experience space today, as we seamlessly transition from one spatial function to the next—between interior and exterior, from public to private, from open to quiet areas. Disperse is a technical texture on glass that alludes to exposed concrete or weathering of natural materials.

Lineal Fade and Shift Grid

b_Skyline Design_Transcend by Suzanne Tick_6 copy 2

Lineal Fade and Shift Grid are shown overlapping in an interior setting. Shift Grid is a shifting geometric grid pattern with lines that appear and disappear. The pattern achieves a large-scale effect while maintaining a smaller scale regularity. Lineal Fade is an irregular fading stripe pattern that can be used horizontally or vertically depending on the desired effect and use.

Angled Mesh


Suzanne viewing the Transcend™ collection, specifically the Angled Mesh design.



Diffuse is a textile-like pattern on glass, made up of an ordered dash background with irregular textural cutouts.

Angled Mesh


Angled Mesh is a fading angular grid on glass that is layered and shifted on itself to create a dimensional effect.

Lineal Fade

f_Skyline Design_Transcend by Suzanne Tick_Lineal Fade

Lineal Fade is an irregular fading stripe pattern that can be used horizontally or vertically depending on the desired effect and use.

Collection in Whites

Suzanne Tick 06_Collection in Whites_half full

Captures the sheer aesthetic qualities of textile designs on glass with patterns inspired by weave structures and motif scale studies. The patterns are enhanced by the translucent qualities of glass, infused with luminosity. The result is a juxtaposition between the tactile quality of textile and the hard, durable surface of glass.

Kinetic Lines

KineticLines 2_rev_2

Kinetic Lines is an elegant architectural design inspired by our textile weave structures.

Analog and Analytic

CollectionInWhites-Analytic_Analog_ScottShigley_rev_opt 2

Featuring a pre-digital print aesthetic, Analog is a layered halftone print with a linear drape effect that varies in density throughout a full repeat. Similar to self-learning technology, Analytic recreates the effect of laser cut textiles that expand and contract according to the wearer’s movements, resulting in an algorithmic technical pattern. Photo by Scott Shigley