Our body of work for Tarkett ranges from luscious woven textures to bold graphics and color transitions. Our designs for both the Powerbond and modular tile formats allow for spatial, color and scale studies throughout the building’s architecture. We take special care to work out pattern kinks and hide seaming, and help on individual projects to envision the best use of all of our interior materials.

ETHOS Modular with Omnicoat Technology has Cradle to Cradle Silver v3.1 certification, eliminating the need to test for pH, RH and MVER (provided that no free liquids are present and that no moisture-stained concrete is evident).

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Flooring — Modular, Powerbond, Broadloom, Woven, Luxury Vinyl Tile

Interior Design magazine BoY Award Finalist 2021 — Meta Firma Collection

HiP Award Finalist 2021 — Meta Firma Collection

Interior Design magazine 2020 Best of Year finalist — Light Shift Collection

HiP Award Honors 2018 —  Workplace: Flooring/Hard Surface — Scale Study Series

Best of NeoCon Gold Award 2018 — Healthcare Flooring category — Garden Walk Collection

Best Booth Design Finalist – Boutique Design New York (BDNY) 2017

Best Large Booth Design Award – NeoCon East 2016

HiP Award Honors 2016 – Workplace: Flooring/Hard Surface – Collections Infinies

Best of NeoCon 2016 Gold Award – Hard Surface – NeoCon – Collections Infinies

Meta Firma


The Earth gives form to our physical world, connecting and shaping how we relate to one another in a space. The Meta Firma Collection by Suzanne Tick explores textures and colors derived from organic land forms and the celestial atmosphere, helping us feel rooted in the simplicity of being. By evoking feelings of stability and calm, the Meta Firma Collection’s soft surface patterns and coordinating LVT stimulate the senses through visual tactility and provide a sense of connection to nature.

Earthbound and Skyward

02 TAR MetaFirma Skyward Mod Gypsite_Earthbound PB Jade,

Earthbound emphasizes the Earth’s grounding effect. Rooted and layered like sediment, Earthbound’s pattern sweeps across the plane gathering and shifting, allowing areas of movement to grow and taper. Earthbound represents continual balance and growth with its organic and fluid pattern. (shown above as Powerbond on platform)

Skyward focuses upward. Inspired by the slow, ethereal movements of stars in the night sky, Skyward takes a nod to the ever-evolving constant. Balance is achieved throughout Skyward’s plush, tip shear pile, using random stitch details to provide multi-directional pattern play that evokes the feeling of light breaking through the surface. (shown above as tile)

Pebble Mesh

2 Tandus Top Right

Inspired by woven boucle textiles and chunky knits, Pebble Mesh achieves a textile-like appearance with a voluminous modern edge.

Light Shift


The Light Shift Collection includes two modular soft surface styles and one coordinating LVT that borrows from the study of light.  Drawing inspiration from scientific studies of light waves and frequencies, as well as man-made phenomena like light trails and reflections from architectural facades, light pervades our daily lives. The designs in the Light Shift Collection, which are both technical and organic, are interpretations of these experiences of light, using graphic textures that range from subtle to grid-like.



Using modern technologies and innovative yarn placements, Braided is a layered expression of both natural and man-made materials. The pattern is composed of tessellated blocks of color, establishing various tonal textures and a subtle geometry that shifts across the plane. Designed for refinement and softness, the simplified palette is reminiscent of handmade ceramics to promote a peaceful atmosphere.

Meshwork LVT


Based on a study of grid structures, Meshwork LVT is a soft, linear exploration featuring a subtle vertical, horizontal and diagonal line, creating a delicate grid on the soothing, matte-like background colors found in its coordinate, Braided modular carpet tile.


Formation_IG_FB (1)_rev

Formation introduces an organic visual texture that responds to this need for less site-specific interior surfaces. Used in combination with Formation Transition, the two styles work together to create color shifts—and bold impressions—across large-scale, open expanses.

Halftone Transition


Designed by Suzanne Tick, Halftone is an expansive stripe combined with a perpendicular gradient thread-up, resulting in a monumental effect. Its modular companion Halftone Transition fuses the existing Halftone colorways into fresh combinations of warm and cools, or neutrals with brights.



Building upon the conceptual layering of the Accentuate Series, Iso moves away from the rectilinear planes of the Bauhaus movement, and replace them with fractured geometry. Designed by Suzanne Tick, Iso is an irregular take on the folded planes that we now see in architecture, taking the grid and breaking it into angular forms.

Code Transition

4 Tandus trio Right

Specifically designed as a connection piece to combine Code and MegaCode colorways, Code Transition mixes a range of tones into an orderly cascade of unexpected beauty.


5 Tandus trio Right

Correlate, part of the Scale Study Series, is a plush Colorpoint tile in which refracted angles and planes of tip-sheared yarns and speckled loops interact in surprising configurations. The Scale Study Series responds to the revival of socialist architecture and new incarnations of the Brutalist movement with four products that go from large to small—creating a back and forth relationship between open, collaborative spaces and more private offices.

Broadcloth LVT


Broadcloth was inspired from an acrylic cutting board where carpet samples are stamped out using a die cutting machine. During this process the acrylic board becomes textured and nicked from the process, leaving randomly colored fibers behind. Once the board becomes full of fibers or too textured to properly function, it is recycled and replaced. Our studio repurposed the board as an art piece. This product is a digitally printed LVT creating a high resolution, dimensional, industrial-inspired texture and pattern.

Filament LVT


Filament is informed by materials used in manufacturing and architecture as pattern inspiration. In the same way that the works of Zaha Hadid and Frank Gehry have brought folded metal planes into the vernacular of modern architecture, Filament shifts the planes of the floor using precise computer-generated imagery.

Offset and Balance


Inspired by the unfinished and exposed raw materials used for industrial printing techniques, Offset and Balance create a casual sophistication that doesn’t feel heavily designed. Both styles create the illusion of having a fuller texture, and provide outstanding performance with permanent stain resistant properties. With an agile approach to design and the convenience of QuickShip, these two styles work together to bring industrial resourcefulness to any project. Offset is a non-directional, organic pattern that comes and goes with an almost pixelated effect, giving the impression of a transferred design. Balance builds on this idea by adding a random stitch detail to provide more direction and a playful accent.



Radiance part of the Garden Walk Collection, welcomes residents and guests with the warmth and comfort of home, creating an ideal setting for healing, living and leisure. This warm array of color and pattern gently alludes to organic materials from the outdoor environment and embraces the imperfect beauty of the natural world. Each sophisticated design carries deep, soothing tones that create a tranquil atmosphere and lends itself to feelings of well-being. Inviting, reflective and restorative, these spaces are designed for the overall wellness of body, mind and soul. Suzanne Tick designed 3 out of the 12 patterns for this collection, Summer Walk, Radiance, and Terrace.

Summer Walk


Summer Walk is a modular carpet that offers a beautiful abstracted floral pattern with a large motif for maximum impact. Part of the Garden Walk collection, this style can add the warmth and comfort of relaxed living, the ideal setting for healing, lifestyle and leisure. Each design carries deep, soothing tones that create a tranquil atmosphere for an overall wellness of body, mind and soul. Suzanne Tick designed 3 out of the 12 patterns for this collection, Summer Walk, Radiance, and Terrace.