Suzanne Tick served as Creative Director and Design Consultant to KnollTextiles from 1994 to 2011. “As a textile technologist, my role was to pioneer and engineer environmental fabrics, placing the company at the forefront of an emerging market with recyclable, low-waste designs.”

With the invention of Imago, Tick created a new breed of hard surface building material using fabric encapsulated in resin. Imago became the precursor to the company 3form.

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Textiles/Hard Surface Material — Upholstery, Drapery, Panel, Wrapped Wall, Multipurpose

2008 NeoCon Gold award winner — Escala

Winner of a Best of NeoCon 2012 Silver award — Jot

2008 NeoCon Gold award winner — Amplify and Bandwidth

Imago™ Zen

1 IMAGO_ Knoll Suzanne Tick

Imago is made through a patented process in which fabric is encapsulated in high-performance resin. The result: a pioneering hard surface material that combines the strength and flexibility of resin with the translucency texture, and colors of textiles.


b_Escala_Suzanne Tick Knoll

Escala is a nod to the hand-made bohemian leno structures of the 60’s with a 21st century technical drapery twist. Made of high luster filament polyester, Escala is a deliberate architectural statement using irregular vertical spacing to give asymmetrical interest. The lustrous polyester gives the look of metal, when the Steel colorway is used it simulates chain mail (allowing for cost savings). Its 118” width allows for seamless installations.

Air Rights

c_Air_Rights_1312_1024_60 (1)

Air Rights, a drapery fabric, plays with light and air through shadowy structures printed in a two tone transparency on a burnout base cloth. Made of 100% polyester, 60-in. in width, Air Rights comes in eight colors and is manufactured with heavy metal-free fiber and pigments.

Bollywood and Improv

8957_m_bollywood knoll textiles_rev

Bollywood and Improv are both part of the Screenplay Series. Taking a warp yarn extruded with a two channeled color stream, Bollywood is a fabric built with natural variegations reminiscent of hand dyed ikats. Woven with a high performance vinyl, Bollywood is durable and scrubbable.

Improv is a geometric grid-like structure that adds a larger scale design to this popular wallcovering collection. A honeycomb weave on a bi-color warp, Improv adds perceived texture to the wall through its construction and color. It has excellent acoustic properties, extreme durability and easy cleanability.


e_Axiom_Suzanne Tick knoll

Referencing the structurally open buildings of today’s innovative architecture, Axiom continues Tick’s exploration of the parallels between tectonics and textile construction. The imagery of an open knit fabric prototype was used for this graphic pattern to add dimensional texture to a commonly smooth surface. It’s energetic metallic ground brings a new personality to vinyl upholstery fabrics. Axiom is available in 10 colorways, ranging from fresh neutrals to tonal brights, making it a great tool kit for designers.


Jot Detail Red_rev

Digital binary code strings reminiscent of DNA strands sparked the design for Jot drapery fabric. An orderly matrix of small-scale dots is created by a unique process incorporating burnout and printing technologies. This pixelated drapery combines three light neutral ground dots conveying a sense of airy buoyancy. The minimal rows of two accent colors give each of the colorways its personal identity while complementing color pops in the interior environment. Jot creates subtle geometric shadow plays working well against a window or as a room divider.

Amplify and Bandwidth


Amplify and Bandwidth brings sculpture to the wall with spider weaves. This construction enables the greatest deviation of the woven grid in a loom-controlled textile, juxtaposing the basic grid structure of cloth with an undulating network of wefts. The relief studies can be used together or installed individually. Both are made from 100% Post Industrial Recycled Polyester.