Tick Studio, Luum and Teknion joined forces to interface with the Dubai A and D community and participate in Dubai Design Week activities, host Suzanne’s CEU “What Now?,” hold a weaving workshop, panel talks and other educational seminars. It was a truly wonderful experience! See you again soon, Dubai!




Roar Studio

Say Studio

Kristina Zanic

Panel Talk at Downtown Design

Weaving Workshop

Educational Seminar with Heriot-Watt University



Interior design students at Parsons School of Design at the New School visited our studio today! We loved getting to speak with them and share our knowledge of our artmaking and design processes.


suzanne tick at Dubai design week

Dubai Design Week is coming soon! Luum Textiles has specially curated some compelling events focusing on designing a sustainable future, through this year’s theme: DESIGN WITH IMPACT. Join Suzanne for design discussions, re-defining the role of workplace, and create your own weaving in our exclusive textile weaving session.

WEAVING WORKSHOP | Tues, 8th November | 4.00PM – 6.30PM GST | Teknion Dubai Showroom

Gain hands-on weaving experience with Suzanne Tick, Creative Director at Luum Textiles, and weave on a lap loom using recycled materials!  Guests are encouraged to bring discarded garments, mylar, yarns, film strips, packaging materials and other detritus to contribute to their weavings and guests will learn about Tick Studio’s approach to sustainable textile design starting at the fiber level on the loom. *Limited seats are available. Kindly email to to register.

WHAT NOW? CEU | Thurs, 10th November | 12.00PM – 2.00PM GST | Colab, Dubai Design District

What Now? is a 1 hour CEU by Suzanne Tick. A reflection of the Now – What Now? is an ever-changing discussion of evolution, wellness and what is relevant for the time. Accredited by AIA. Register here.

STUDENT TALK | Fri, 11th November | 10AM – 12AM GST | Colab, Dubai Design District

Textiles are a powerful design tool that can make a feeling in a space. Meet with Suzanne Tick, Creative Director of Luum Textiles, to imagine the different ways Luum’s collections can be used. At the end of this talk, you will understand how Tick Studio imbues sustainable attributes into each product, starting by hand at the fiber level, to influence how materials will perform holistically in the built environment. *Student invite only


Originality deconstructed

“Originality Deconstructed” is a traveling exhibition by Be Original Americas that will take place in three U.S. cities, celebrating creativity by pulling back the curtain on the “how” and the “why” behind iconic and new products. Demystifying design will create a true experience of the value of authenticity. 

A weaving by Suzanne Tick made from plastic, tissue paper, wire, cardboard tubes, sheath core vinyl from her “Refuse DC” series will be on display. Alongside the work will demonstrate the deconstructed nature of the materials used in the piece, which all derive from dry cleaning detritus. 

As such, the “deconstructed” component of the exhibition asks members to consider a product and/or material that can be taken apart and displayed for the audience to learn more about materiality, craftsmanship and quality.

Originality Deconstructed opens Oct 18 and closes Oct 30. Located at the Ace Hotel New York.

Thank you, Azure and Office Insight for the coverage!


setting new standards for sustainable fabrics

Global Design News has recognized Luum Textiles and Suzanne Tick for Grid State and Ecotone textiles: made of 100% post consumer recycled biodegradable polyester made in response to the growing demand for environmentally conscious products. Read more here.