September 09, 2014

Variable, Teknion’s new family of multipurpose chairs, has a fresh palette of twelve (12) colors designed by Suzanne Tick, Creative Director of Teknion Textiles.  The palette was developed at Tick’s studio, where the new color story emerged alongside the development of new fabrics from Teknion Textiles, as well as carpet and other materials designed in the studio. This yielded a robust palette that is relevant for the contemporary built environment.

Teknion’s new Variable, Nami and Volume chair color palettes by Suzanne Tick - Suzanne Tick

The Variable chair is intended for a broad market, but mostly for the Education and Corporate segments, where the desire for branding through color is very strong. 
Looking at the current state of art, fashion, and design, Tick was able to distill a pertinent palette of colors for the Variable chair that works well with school and brand colors. Rather than focusing on primary brights, Tick reveals a more sophisticated and refined palette for the marketplace through utilizing saturated secondary and tertiary colors. These refreshing colors coordinate well with today’s interiors of layered materials and textured planes.

Tick’s vision for this new palette also stems from an evaluation of the industry’s existing chair market, which illuminated the need for more warm and cool neutral finishes in the marketplace. By developing a gradation of neutrals in addition to colors, the Variable finish offering is broad: 3 shades of grey; 2 shades of taupe; 5 current colors which include Vermillion, Orange, Teal, Blue, and Deep Verde; and a pure black and white. This range offers many finish options for the A&D and Facilities community, working in conjunction with the Variable large model and style offering to have broad appeal. The upholstery options from Teknion Textiles further increase the offering. Polyurethanes and action fabrics are ideal for education or food service areas, while the Variable collection can also be used in more Corporate areas such as training and conference through the use of higher end fabrics.

Teknion is also adding new plastic shell colors to both the Nami and Volume chair finish offerings to update the palettes for today’s interiors. These color palettes were updated by Suzanne Tick, Creative Director of Teknion Textiles. The Nami chair & stools have three new colors in addition to its already classic palette of Storm White, Lunar Grey, Ebony, and Fearless Red. Tick has added Light Grey, Dark Taupe, and Deep Ocean to further round out this sophisticated palette and make it even more appropriate for Corporate and other higher end areas such as Hospitality. The Volume chair, which is a high-density stacker, has an expanded range of five (5) new colors in addition to the four (4) existing ones. Joining Storm White, Latte, Espresso, and Ebony are Light Grey, Medium Grey, Deep Ocean, Crimson, and Solar Yellow to offer more fashion forward colors as well as more cool tones, which were not present in the original palette. Both palettes strive to provide customers with fresh choices in their finish selections that coordinate with other building finishes.

Teknion’s new Variable, Nami and Volume chair color palettes by Suzanne Tick - Suzanne Tick