WHO? // ME // US - Suzanne Tick

As a continuation to the last few slides of 2014's HIS & HERS, WHO?//ME//US focuses on self identity as it relates to today's technological/economical landscape.  Reflecting on how mobile technology has altered our idea of the self, the talk explores existencialism, narcisissim to altruism in present day culture and how these themes are reflected in art and design.

HIS & HERS: Design in Post-Gender Society (2014-2015) - Suzanne Tick
Burj Doha Building by Jean Nouvel (left). Al Wakrah Stadium in Qatar proposal by Zaha Hadid (right).

His & Hers is an observation of design in today's western culture and how architecture, fashion, industrial design, and art are seen through the lens of these new gender embodiments. Our post-gender society is moving beyond gendered identities, toward a state of inclusion of new and different perspectives. Starting with the traditional office - once the exclusive domain of men and reflected accordingly in the mid-20th century workplace - Suzanne Tick will show us, with compelling imagery how artists, architects, and designers are working within this discourse to promote change. Read more in Metropolis Magazine: His & Hers: Designing for a Post-Gender Society

SURFACE TENSION (2013-2014) - Suzanne Tick
Tel Aviv Museum of Art, Amir Building by Preston Scott Cohen (left). Silver and Cement sculpture by Richard Tuttle (right).

Tel Aviv Museum of Art, Amir Building by Preston Scott Cohen (left). Silver and Cement sculpture by Richard Tuttle (right).

Everyday life is filled with Dualities and Opposing Forces that create interest and tension in and around everything we see and experience. These different forces arise from social and cultural shifts that occur as reactions to the natural order of things, as society assimilates both the past and the future. This presentation explores the idea that great design comes from Surface Tension, where contrasting properties make for the most dynamic treatment of surfaces and materials.

COUNTERCOLOR (2012-2013) - Suzanne Tick
 Gradation by Torafu Architects for Ligne Roset (left), Junya Watanabe WRTW 2010 fall (right)

Countercolor is a view on how artists and designers are using color today. Many things are influencing how we use color including the latest printing and material technology and the natural and eco-friendly material options that are relevant today with our sustainability concerns. Our Postmodernist Internet era is reminiscent of the soulful and honest aesthetic of twentieth-century’s Modernist design and its color sensibility.  This new chromatic language is both energizing and calming, forward thinking and back to basics.

REVOLUTION REALITY (2011-2012) - Suzanne Tick
Volkswagen logo (after WWII), Apple logo (today)

Revolution Reality is a comparative view of the design revolution of the 1960’s with the design realities of today.  These parallels are observed through different topics present in both eras: Super Graphics, Transparency, Experience of Light, Tectonic Structures, Modular Thinking, Contemplative Fields and The Hand and The Machine.

INSTINCT, LOGIC, LUNACY (2010-2011) - Suzanne Tick
Gabe Cook cutting wire hangers for Refuse DC (left), Hooked Up Detail (right)

Drawing on sources as varied as the raw material and manufacturing processes, Suzanne’s approach is unique and her continual push to innovate is often filled with unexpected challenges. Instinct Logic Lunacy is a personal reflection on the creative process and how these concepts can propel an idea through to actualization often resulting in that break through moment.